Questions??? I Have Plenty!!!


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    First I must thank the wonderful and classy Mrs. Jan Thompson, See, the lies Bernadette Feazell decided to spew last week were ignorant, rude, offensive and total mischaracterizations of some one that has done nothing but looked for the truth for all the victims, her niece being one of those victims she knows and feels the pain the rest of us will never fully understand. Then she has to put up with crackheads like Bernadette Feazell that just make things more difficult. But Mrs. Thompson is calm and cool, reserved and measured and really doesn’t want to get involved in all this craziness she has better and more important things to do with her life and in her wisdom she knows it’s better to just let things go. I on the other hand want to confront everything head on, don’t let lies and misinformation stand unchallenged, expose them for what they are because if we don’t we allow the lies and rumors to become facts and no one will ever find the truth there. Mrs. Thompson, from her experience over the years knows it’s better not to deal with Bernadette Feazell in any way, don’t talk to her, don’t respond to her even when Bernadette gets on line and spews awful and ugly lies, that had to hurt. Mrs. Thompson was going to deal with it in her own dignified and quiet way and then she was nice enough to share with me a conversation she had a few days ago and I was like please we have to make this public we have to expose Bernadette Feazell for the lying despicable crackhead she is. Mrs. Thompson was cautious, rightfully so, again remember she doesn’t want to get involved or caught up in all this craziness, so I tried to lay out the best case I could for my reasoning why I feel it is so important to fight these lies and try to put them to an end, I will get more into later. Mrs. Thompson was very patient with me and has allowed me to share her recent conversation with Michael Hall. Mrs, Thompson again I want to thank you with all my heart and I honestly hope by exposing the lies the benefits reaped will manifest swiftly.


  2. Thank you Brian for what you have said about my mom. I am a lot like you as far as not just sitting back and allowing B to talk shit about my mom. Jan Thompson is my mom and I promised my Daddy on his death bed in 2006 that I would take care and protect my mom for him and I take great pride in doing so! I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was for me to not immediately respond to B said about my mom. You see, I am the total opposite of my mom…..I usually have knee jerk reactions and spew my feeling and thoughts without thinking. Sometimes that is good and sometimes not so good lol! I can tell all of you that my mom NEVER tried to sell those tapes to ANYONE and she did let Michael Hall hear them. We mailed them to him and he mailed them back. Also as far as my mom thinking all of the attention needs to be on only Jill, that’s a crock of shit too! Any time we refer to the murders we always say “the kids” never just Jill. All of this started with B because my mom and I do not believe Brian is Vic. That is it. She is mad that we do not agree with her. We know Brian is Brian. My mom has talked with him on the phone. In a way I am glad we have broken ties with B because now we can see just how truly insane she is. Everyone has told us this but we didn’t realize it to be true until this happened. Thank you Brian for everything you have done. I personally will say I still don’t believe that David, Tony and Gilbert did the murders. My gut tell me different. I am clueless as to who the real murders are. I do believe someone knows the truth. Will we ever know?

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