On July 13, 1982 Jill Montgomery and Raylene Rice left Waxahatchee, Texas to go to Waco, Texas, which was approximately 90 minutes away, to pick up Jill’s last pay check from Fort Fisher. While they were in Waco the girls decided to get up with an old boyfriend of Jill’s, Kenneth Franks. The three teenagers got together later that evening and never returned home. Their brutalized bodies were discovered the next day. Though there were convictions handed down against four men, one would later be released after he won his re-trial following his appeal that was upheld, which fostered doubts about the guilt of the others that had been convicted, the investigation that led to their arrests and the case the prosecution put forward. There are still many questions about this horrendous crime; who, why, when and where, what really happened that night?

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  1. Any news on Robert Frueh or the connection between Frueh and Richard Franks? BLK167 asked in 2016 which church Robert pastored–it was Bethel Baptist. He also asked at which church Richard Franks had once volunteered as a youth counselor–did anyone ever answer that question? Do we know for sure he was a youth counselor? Also why wasn’t Robert’s homicide ever solved? It’s classified as an open case. Weird since I heard that Waco PD had arrested a young man at Robert’s house and a grand jury had been convened but no charges pressed. Inquiring minds.


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