On July 13, 1982 Jill Montgomery and Raylene Rice left Waxahachie, Texas to go to Waco, Texas, which was approximately 90 minutes away, to pick up Jill’s last pay check from Fort Fisher. Whi…

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  1. bkl67……Do I have faith in Fred Dannen. At this point, I have faith in Noone other than my creator. I have come to the conclusion that if it be His will, I will someday know what happened to Jill, Raylene, and Kenneth. Also in conclusion, there is not one person who understands my desire to know the true story other than the ones who have walked in my shoes. I am not an expert on “the law”, “false confessions”, “dna results”, “appeals procedures “, and dozens of other items brought up on this page. My expertise is loving my niece and having a desire to know what happened to her and her friends. Can anyone understand that?

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